Evaporative type humidifiers VFB Type

[Single operation/floor type, room direct humidifier]
This type is suitable for rooms with high sensible heat load, such as data center.

In rooms with high sensible heat load, such as in communication rooms, computer rooms, electronic device plants, it is possible to use the generated heat to vaporize water, thus reducing the air-cooling load and saving energy.
Two models (4kg/h and 8kg/h), which have relatively high humidification capacity as a single operation Evaporative type, are available. This system provides natural and stable humidification according to the air conditions in the room, independent from the system and operation mode of the A/C unit.

VFB Type


  • Vaporizing module, drain pan, fan, display panel, pre-filter are packaged together.
  • Complete maintenance is possible just by opening the front panel.
  • Since this stand-alone humidifier is slim and compact, the system can be expanded easily according to the change of room environment.
  • Display panel shows the operation status, such as "Operation," "Humidification," "Alarm", as well as accumulated operation time. Checking of the maintenance cycle is also easy.


Type Evaporative type humidifier; WM-VFB type
Model WM-VFB4000 WM-VFB8000
Rated capacity(kg/h) 4.0/4.2 (50/60Hz) 8.0/8.4 (50/60Hz)
Rating condition Air volume(m³/h)



Inlet air

Temperature and humidity:23deg.C/40%RH

Rated voltage Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption (W) 290/420 520/750
Supply water quality Drinking water or equivalent

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