Electric steam humidifier SJB Type

[Steam distribution pipe to be built into A/C unit and humidification chambers (Indoor direct spray is also available)]
Capable of precise humidity control

The electric steam humidifier was developed based on reducing the startup time to the generation of steam, and the response of the steam generation volume to the request signal. This unit demonstrates excellent control characteristics even in the dew point control in outdoor A/C units and etc.
The SJB type is a model change of the conventional SJA type, focusing on "further improvements in the controllability" and "small-size and lightweight," which was particularly developed to meet the precise humidity control needs required in factories, clean rooms, constant temperature humidity facilities and etc.
As well as the built-in type, the indoor direct spray type is also available with a lineup of 3 different models.

SJB Type


  • The drainage volume according to the humidity request signal can be set by the unique microcontroller. This system suppresses the fluctution in the dew point during regular drainage, and demonstrates excellent control characteristics with less hunting, even while doing the dew point control of an outdoor A/C unit and etc. (Patent Pending).
  • This system is equipped with an output adjustment function (20?100%) for the steam generation volume. This function allows for an output adjustment which conforms to the humidification load.
  • Standard specification products are compatible to both "soft water" and "primary pure water" qualities.



Electric steam humidifier, type WM-SJB
(proportional control/On/Off control combined)

To be built into the A/C unit, package A/C and chamber

Model (WM-) SJB03 SJB07 SJB14 SJB28 SJB42 SJB56 SJB85
Steam generation volume (kg/h) 3.2 7.2 14.2 28.4 42.5 56.8 85
Rated voltage Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz Three phases AC200V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption (kW) 2.9 5.8 10.8 21.6 32.4 43.2 64.8

Indoor direct spray type

Steam blower air volume(m³/h) 140/115
Steam generation volume (kg/h) 3.2 7.2 14.2
Rated voltage Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz Three phases AC200V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption (kW) 2.9 5.8 10.8

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