Steam spray unit for low temperature humidification SBA Type

[Unit built-in/to be built into the Air handling unit, total heat exchanger, humidification chamber]
With the steam humidification, humidification of low temperature air has been a challenge. This system can provide a solution to this problem.

Provides humidification to all fresh air system A/C and fresh air cooling, such as in the hospitals and factories Type SBA is a steam spray unit, which is built into the Air handling unit and humidification chamber, to provide steam humidification to low temperature air. This can be used for the all outdoor air system A/C and outdoor air cooling.
Until now, when humidifier is integrated into an Air handling unit, condensation and dew formation may have occurred at a low temperature of circulation air.
Based on many years of technology and experience in humidification, Wetmaster developed an innovative steam spray unit. After analyzing the field problems and repeating tests and researches with the unit, we have validated the performance and have finally commercialized it as a proprietary "low temperature humidification steam spray unit."
This unit does not develop condensation and dew formation at a low temperature between 12-20deg.C and can provide reliable humidification.

SBA Type
Upon presentation of necessary data, such as the specifications of Air handling unit, air condition, air volume, required humidification volume from the customer; Wetmaster will calculate the necessary distance for the secondary side of humidifier type SBA, which is required to eliminate the "condensation and dew formation" of steam. This calculation is based on the actual measurement data obtained from many tests performed in various test settings. This is a solution to the problems with low temperature humidification and the key for reliable humidification.


Standard steam distribution pipe

Standard steam distribution pipe

SBA type

SBA type


  • Dry-bulb temperature
    12deg.C DB
  • Relative humidity
  • Absolute humidity
  • Wet-bulb temperature
    4.5deg.C WB
  • Dew-point temperature
  • Supply steam volume
  • Air velocity
  • Air volume


Model Steam spray unit for low temperature humidification, WM-SBA type
Operating condition Inlet wind speed 1.5-6.0m/s (When the air blower has the inverter control, the inlet wind speed of the unit shall be 1.5 m/s or higher.)
Inlet air temperature 12deg.C or higher
Supply steam Type SBA-A, -B: Supply steam from Wetmaster's steam humidifier
(approx. atmospheric pressure)
Type SBA-C: Supply steam from Wetmaster's decompression device
(Supply steam pressure to the decompression device: 0.2 MPa or less)
Pressure loss approx. 15Pa (At a wind speed of 2.5m/s; this can be varied depending on the unit design specifications)

※ This unit is available on request. Each unit shall be designed and manufactured exclusively according to the specifications of Air handling unit.

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