Evaporative type humidifiers “TENMAI Humidifier” VCJ Type

[Single operation/Ceiling mounted cassette type, direct room humidification]
TENMAI Humidifier is suitable for individual distributed air-conditioning, such as in offices.

This is a TENMAI Humidifier that is mounted inside the ceiling and is covered by a decorating grille on the ceiling, which serves as the inlet and outlet ports. This direct room humidifier draws the air from the room and releases it as high humidity air back into the room, providing reliable humidification independent from the system or the operation mode of A/C unit.

VCJ Type


  • Safety of water supply system with a double solenoid valve (feeding water shut-off).
  • Low operating noise. 40dB(A) with high and 23dB(A) with low. It meets Noise Criteria (NC) value of 35 and you can use it for a room where silent atmosphere is required.
  • High quality water leakage countermeasure with high water level detection of drain pan, drainage failure detection, solenoid valve leakage detection and etc.
  • Independent and secure direct room humidification. It doesn’t depend on operating mode of air-conditioner, variable airflow nor etc.
  • Heat source for this humidifier is not required. Saving energy, as it utilizes a heat generation in a room and ineffective heat around ceiling for an adiabatic evaporation.
  • Hygiene construction with no-standing-water shape of drain pan and a forced drying humidification pad system.
  • RoHS directive compliance.


Type Evaporative type humidifier; WM-VCJ type

Product name/Model

【Standard specification】

TENMAI Humidifier WM-VCJ2201

【Built-in humidistat specification】

TENMAI Humidifier WM-VCJ2201A

Rated capacity(kg/h)


2.2/2.2 (50/60Hz)


1.2/1.1 (50/60Hz)

Rating condition


Air volume: 570/570m³/h

Temperature and humidity of inlet air: 23deg.C/40%RH


Air volume: 300/280m³/h

Temperature and humidity of inlet air: 23deg.C/40%RH

Rated voltage

AC100V 50/60Hz (220V is also possible)

Rated power consumption

83/97W(Fan mode: high, Drain pump in operation, 50/60Hz)

Operation noise(A)


40/40dB (50/60Hz)


23/21dB (50/60Hz)

Operation weight


Rated voltage

AC100V 50/60Hz

Use conditions

Ambient working conditions

5-40deg.C (freezing prohibited),80%RH or less

Suction air temperature

5-30deg.C (difference with ambient unit temperature inside the ceiling must fall within 10deg.C)

Supply water quality

Drinking water or equivalent

Supply water pressure &


Safety devices

  • Drain pan high water level detection
  • Water leakage detection
  • Water leakage detection at fill solenoid valve
  • Drainage failure detection at drainage pump

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